Fly above the Alps - WAZALP - OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES in French ALPS - TRY Skydiving, Paragliding, Kayak near Geneva, Annecy and Chamonix

Fly above the Alps

Zur Buchungsanfrage

The Alps, from the sky! Onboard our airplane for an exploration over the highest peaks in Europe! Splendid view guaranteed, with all the tranquility of a flight and the conviviality of our pilots.

Do not wait anymore for an unforgettable expedition! and jump on board.

Zur Buchungsanfrage


Take off near Geneva

Flight throught the Mont-blanc valley


20 min flight in the valleys and mountains of the north Alps

Flying over 2 glaciers: the glacier of Argentiere and Mont-blanc 4800mts

Discovering the region's most emblematic chain of mountains


  1. Annemasse
  2. Morzine
  3. Mont-blanc
  4. Les Aravis
  5. Annemasse