Skydiving Jumps - WAZALP - OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES in French ALPS - TRY Skydiving, Paragliding, Kayak near Geneva, Annecy and Chamonix

Skydiving Jumps

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Jump from an Airplane and experience the adrenaline and freedom of freefalling. 

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Choose the city where you want to jump

  • Annemasse
  • Megève
  • Annecy


Arrive to the airport and feel the adrenaline when boarding the airplane, enjoy the wind and the view, you will take off with an experienced tandem master and perform a freefall in the Haute-Savoie, what a great place to do it!

You will be flying in an airplane full of skydivers to jump altitude for more than 15 minutes

You have the option to make a video of your jump with a professional cameraman

Land and daydream with blueskyes, you will never forget this experience!


  1. Geneva