Airplane alps flights, fly above the Mont-Blanc, lake Leman, Lake annecy, Massif Aravis and more. - Flight above the Alps - WAZALP - OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES in French ALPS - TRY Skydiving, Paragliding, Kayak near Geneva, Annecy and Chamonix

Flight above the Alps

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The Alps, from the sky!

Embark aboard an airplane for an exploration over the highest peaks in Europe! Splendid view guaranteed, with all the tranquility of a flight and the conviviality of our pilots.

So do not hesitate more for this unforgettable moment, feeling! Let's fly and enjoy the view! 

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Take off near Geneva

Flight throught the Mont-blanc valley


20 min flight in the valleys and mountains of the north Alps

Flying over 2 glaciers: the glacier of Argentiere and Mont-blanc 4800mts

Discovering the region's most emblematic chain of mountains


  1. Annemasse
  2. Morzine
  3. Mont-blanc
  4. Les Aravis
  5. Annemasse

Balloon tours

Balloon flights in Europe.  Come fly around the cities of the alps:  Geneva, Annecy, Grenoble, Chambery.  Our journeys take place in south east France and west Switzerland. Experience the magic of flying in a balloon with the view of the alps.  Let the wind take you into an exiting journey you can't forget.   Book in advance!  If there should be any changes in date due the weather we can always re-schedule to the next flyable day, and we do not charge you until we confirm that the weather will be good to fly.   One person Balloon flight ticket for €290   2 person Balloon flight ticket for €540  -  €270 per person This option is not for a private balloon flight.  If you want to make it private select the next option and make your flight even more special.   Full aircraft for your group, private flight for €740  -  €185 per person for a group of 4 4 passengers maximum   Balloon Skydiving jumps This flight needs a minimum number of passengers to be organized.  Groups of 3 to 4 skydivers.  From a jump altitude of 5000ft €185 per skydiver From a jump altitude of 8000ft €237 per skydiver From a jump altitude of 10,000ft €275 per skydiver - Prices are calculated for groups of 4 skydivers -

Paragliding Tandem in the Alps

Experience flying over the mountains, make your first flight and reach the clouds. Strap your harness and get hooked in a two seater paraglide wing with an expert pilot. You will takeoff from the top of the mountain and fly with us. Bring your sunglasses and a sweter, the air gets colder the higher you go, the view gets cooler too.  Flying is a mind opening experience, the view is incredible and the feeling of freedom is there.   Click book now to see more details and to see other cities where you can fly too. Make your flight unforgettable, we know that living this experience more than once is something you might want to do, for this reason we offer to take some photos and videos so you can remember!