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Horas de oficina de 9:00am to 7:00pm
Nos encontramos en los alpes franceses




Skydiving Jumps

Jump from an Airplane and experience the adrenaline and freedom of freefalling. 

Vuelos en helicóptero

Descubre la belleza de los alpes desde cerca, aventurate a ver las partes mas impresionantes y difíciles de explorar del glaciar y llevate un recuerdo inolvidable

Wakeboard Geneva

Experience Wakeboarding in Geneva Ride the lakes with mountains around You can bring your board or add one to your reservation.  We have many boards depending on your size and style, we got you covered. Check our wind report to get the best conditions, low wind means a better or flat riding condition. Choose the lenght of your session 1 hour half-day  5 hour multi-session ticket Equipment rental Click book now to reserve your spot